Continuing to clear our minds of pandemic and holiday fog, we move forward through 1 Peter
1:13-16 focusing on the second part of verse 13. “Set your hope on the grace to be brought to
you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

In 2020, many people felt hopeless. Now 2020 is tucked away in the history books and there is
HOPE in front of us like the sparkles in snow as the first morning sunlight touches it. HOPE.
Hebrews 6:19 talks about our hope being an anchor for the soul. Changing school schedules,
changing weather, and changing government regulations all came together like three small
storms creating one big hurricane (or blizzard) around our homes, shutting us in, forcing us to
spend time together.

For some parents that time felt/feels suffocating and scary. Some of the fears came from work
pressure and deadlines combined with technical and schoolwork support needs from our
children, some from feelings of inadequacy as a parent, some from the fear that our children
really haven’t gotten the education they needed to learn what they will need for next year. No
matter the size of the fear storm we have felt around us, we can SET our HOPE, our anchor, in
the eye of the storm… God is there. He is also in the storm, above it, and beyond it.

God is our hope. He wasn’t surprised by the pandemic or how government officials (or our
bodies and our communities) have handled it. He won’t be surprised by any other storms raging
around and against us later, either.

He is our support, keeping us above the waves or safely secured to Him and His reliability, His

The New Living Translation of 1 Peter 1:13b says we can “put ALL (our) hope in the gracious
salvation that will come to (us) when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.” When the SON
shines, He brings hope to our lives, burns off the fog, anchors us amidst the storm or rises us
above it.

What do you need to have hope about in as the fog clears for you and your family?