Activities for the Youngest Child

Parents often ask us where to start when they have very young children.

Younger children love repetition.  Using the list below, repeat each activity at least once and you have almost a year’s worth of weekly Family Times!  Many can be used with children 18 months of age and all can be used with children 2 years old and older.  Keep in mind that older children, 5-7 years of age, will still enjoy these activities.

Keep your Family Time fresh by mixing up the activities.  Use an activity from one source this week and a different source next week. Adapt and simplify activities to meet the specific abilities of your child.

Wiggles, Giggles and Popcorn:  Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Noah’s Ark (page 17):  Build an ark using a box and stuffed animals.
  2. Moses (page 19):  Hide a baby doll laying in a basket and floating in water.
  3. Ruth (page 21):  Be Naomi and run a race trying not to drop a “balloon-Ruth.”
  4. Soak it Up (page 28):  When we learn about Jesus, his teachings can show in our lives.
  5. Messages to God (page 33):  Send messages written on helium balloons.
  6. Lost Sheep Hide & Seek (page 42):  Jesus (the parent) will find the lost sheep (the children).
  7. A Strong Tower (page 59):  Tag with a safe base called Jesus.
  8. Birthday Cake for Jesus (page 69):  Celebrate Christmas with a special Jesus birthday cake.
  9. Traveling Nativity (page 71):  Nativity set pieces move around the house toward Bethlehem.
  10. Story Eggs (page 74):  Easter Egg hunt that also tells the story of Easter.
  11. The Throne (page 87):  Musical chairs where Jesus sits on the throne, not us.

Bubbles, Balloons & Chocolate:  Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Lazarus (page 17):  Wrap up in toilet paper and break free.
  2. Friends (page 20):  Friends provide support.
  3. Invisible & Powerful (page 25):  Even though we cannot see God, he is there!
  4. Cain (page 52):  Sin will grow and grow if we don’t change our course.
  5. Bubbles & Balloons (page 58):  Spend time on things that will last forever.
  6. Missing the Target (page 61):  The definition of “sin” is missing the target.
  7. Good & Bad Words (page 77):  Good words build up and bad words tear down.
  8. The Manger (page 88):  Build a manger where Jesus arrives on Christmas morning.