Much of 2020 has been a fog of waiting. We keep waiting for the pandemic problem to be
solved so we can get back to normal, stop wearing masks and be able to hug our friends for

There is hope for a slow resolution of this ongoing problem with promised vaccines and three-
months of freedom to do what we please once infected (until the possibility of getting infected
again comes again). During the holidays, things looked differently for many of us – quieter
feasts, an abundance of movies and screen time and less wild and crazy party games, no office
parties, and shopping online instead of in crowded malls. It was fun to camp out in our living
rooms and be together as a family, connect with extended family online, and eat scrumptious

But, now it’s time to try to bring some semblance of normalcy to our work and school weeks.
How do we continue to move forward not knowing when this fog is going to dissipate, and
things will at least feel normal again?

1 Peter 1:13-16 gives us awesome practical tips for how to move forward in 2021. We’ll cover
different sections of this passage this month for some guidance and hope as we parent!
In the first part of verse 13, Peter says, “Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober…”
The New Living Translation says, “So prepare your minds for action and exercise self-control.”
What I need to clear up this fog is an alert and fully sober mind that is prepared for action! I
also need self-control. I bet you’re in this with me. Here are some practical thoughts about how
I can make this happen this week.

I need to think before I speak as a mama. I need to have self-control in the way I communicate
how I am feeling about the pandemic, how I feel about wearing masks, politics, and others’
opinions about all those things. What my children hear from me will be repeated, so I need to
ask myself if those words encourage and build others up or just tear down, taking away even
more stability to an already unstable time. An alert and aware mind includes thinking before I

What do my children need from me today? They need meals, clean clothes, heat, hugs,
schoolwork help, and accountability. Yes, but also steadiness. My children need to be able to
trust that I’ll handle things with a sober and clear mind no matter what comes. A sober mind
means one that is focused, tuned in, and awake not daydreaming or distracted.

When the quarantine lifts, masks are off, and birthday parties include other people again, will I
be ready? Am I preparing for spring outings and summer vacation memories? I need to be
present right now and ready for tomorrow whatever it brings, prepared for action.

How about you? How can you be more present now and ready for tomorrow?