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Here are a few tips for navigating Total Access:

Search categories for the age group of your children: Preschool, Teen, or All Ages (this is a good one for elementary and older).

Sometimes our blogs are returned during searches of Total Access activities. You can easily identify these because they have an image with the search results. Activities will include title and short description only, no graphics in the search results.

Search by a keyword or book of the Bible: patience, sharing, Exodus or Romans. NOTE: The search feature doesn’t know the difference between “Job” and “job” or “Acts and “acts.” Consider using other descriptors, if possible.

Search for a key Bible figure such as Noah, David, or Paul.

Download an activity using the “DOWNLOAD” button once you’ve opened the activity link or print off a copy for ease of use.

Activities that may need some extra instruction now have tutorial videos included! If you find an activity that would benefit from a visual tutorial, please let us know!

Leave a comment on activities you do – this is a great encouragement to other families and a simple way to share tips and tricks that worked for you.

If you need more help, we’d love to talk!

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