45 Minute Training

This page contains everything you need to complete the steps to a successful 45-Minute Program designed to introduce Family Time to your group or church. Please use the form provided to help us best serve you and partner with you to bless families. THANK YOU!

Self-Led Training

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A Guide for Your Family Time Training Event (Approx. 45-60 Minutes)
Length of segment Content of segment
10-15 min.
Your personal story./Your church’s vision for home discipleship.


  • How did you first hear about FTT?
  • What was your reaction to the message?
  • What do you remember from the message?
  • Share experience from using the activities at home.

Church Vision:

  • What is your church’s plan for home discipleship?
  • What is already being offered to help parents lead family worship at home?
  • How do you want them to use Family Time moving forward?
  • What is your hope and prayer for the families of your church as it pertains to passing the faith in the home?
10 min. Family Time “About Us” video
10-15 min. Family Time Format

Share the structure for an in-home Family Time

10 min. 3 Activity Demonstrations

  1. Invisible and Powerful
  2. Knock Sin Out of Your Life
  3. (optional: if time permits) Salt Adds Support
10 min. Resources

Close in Prayer