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1st Stop


How to Read the Bible

Check out our Bible recommendations and Bible reading plans!

2nd Stop


Memorize Bible Verses

Check out our these great resources for memorizing God’s Word together!

3rd Stop


The 10 Commandments

We’ve created a super simple video to help littles (and BIGS) easily learn the 10 Commandments using fun hand motions!

4th Stop


The Apostles' Creed

This simple prayer is POWERFUL! Download this fill-in-the-blank worksheet to help kids learn.

5th Stop


The Lord's Prayer

Jesus gave this prayer as an example – to His disciples and for us today! Download these bookmarks and put them in your Bibles as a reminder.

6th Stop


Prayer Journal

We’ve compiled some journaling tips and tools that will be great for the whole family!

Family Prayer Journal

6th Stop Prayer Journal tips and tools

7th Stop


Praise & Worship Through Music

We’ve complied some music recommendations for the whole family – hopefully some that you’ve never heard before. Enjoy!

8th Stop


Worship at Church

Here are some ideas for keeping young children engaged during the corporate worship service.

9th Stop


Worship at Home

Make the most of every opportunity with our recommended Family Time activities for each month of the year. PLUS, grab a printable version of our Family Time Format!

10th Stop


Service at Church

Learn or refresh your understanding of each family member’s spiritual gifts using one of the suggested assessments.

11th Stop


Serve at Home

Personalities play into our interactions as a family. Here are a few suggested quizzes to see how personalities lend themselves to how we serve one another at home.

12th Stop


Serve the Community

We’ve created a list of various ideas for serving your community and world. We hope this serves as a starting point and gives you great ideas to serve God with your special gifts and abilities.