I have to admit that this book has been practically forgotten on my shelf for several years. I was originally recommended the book by a friend and had every intention of reading it. However, dust collected on the cover as I focused on other books. I’m so glad that I finally picked it up and began reading.

The book surpassed the high praise of my friend who described it as one of the best books on raising kids with a missional mindset. The book is based on Psalm 127 and Jim Elliot’s use of that chapter when helping his parents process his decision to devote his life to potentially (and eventually realized) dangerous foreign missions. 

For me, this book was truly the first of its kind. I’ve not read a book that so practically and deliberately challenges and equips parents to view their children in a Biblical light. It was hard to identify only five quotes from this book, but I hope they spark your interest to read every page:

  1. “Our parenting posture should be nothing less than establishing a military outpost-like family mindset where we lovingly and courageously submit to orders from our Commander and Chief.” (13)
  2. “When our arrow children are sent out to local or foreign mission fields, we must be willing to sacrifice our small, temporal, self-advancing dreams for our children so that our King’s eternal gospel-advancing mission can be realized all over the world.” (18)
  3. “Therefore, as goes the marriage, so goes the family. We are convinced that one of the parenting pillars in this “household of faith” is a God-infused, God-shaped marriage. It is this kind of unity that has the best chance of producing like-minded children that understand the scriptural admonition for every Christ follower (especially parents) to make disciples that, in turn make other disciples. Like begets like!” (53)
  4. “The greatest gift to my family is to love Christ and His Word supremely.” (93)
  5. “Our arrow-children are not ours at all. We must remember that they are an amazing reward from the Lord, given to us from the largeness of His gracious heart. We must be diligent to be good stewards of these divine blessings.” (133)

It’s so natural for me to try to protect my girls from every potential difficulty, hardship, or hurt. However, God has not called me to shelter them as if they belonged to me. This is a hard pill for me to swallow, but books like this one provide practical tools and encouragement in the task of discipling my kids toward missions. 

I loved how this book uses plenty of real life testimonies from the authors and others. The book remains practical and convicting throughout. However, its potentially greatest quality is how it inspires the reader. Imagining my girls loving Christ so much that they would be willing to follow His call anywhere, comforts me. It comforts me because that would mean they’ve really met Him and really love Him. 

I hope this book blesses you as much as it blessed me.

Frank Trimble

Director of Training and Consulting

Family Time Training

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