Family Roadmap

Family Roadmap


986 in stock (can be backordered)

A one year spiritual journey for any family who wants to put God at the center of their home! You’ll learn 4 distinct spiritual disciplines: Bible reading, prayer, worship and service as you focus on different ways of learning and growing together. *Backorders expected to ship on or around 4/1/23.*

986 in stock (can be backordered)


Here’s a quick overview of the Family Roadmap and how you might use it:

  • Read through each card one time. Notice the flow of the journey and the destinations ahead for your family.
  • Decide what day you will start your journey and move on to the next Stop around the same day each month.
  • Put your Navigation card in a prominent place where you can check off each stop as you go. (There’s a second Navigation card and Key Question cards after your 6th Stop.)
  • Put your 1st Stop card in a place where your family will see it daily. On a dining table or coffee table where you gather often would work well.
  • File the additional cards back in the sleeve for safekeeping. 
  • Each Stop card has 2 sides – the front side will give you action items for the month. The back side has questions to consider as a family. Some are just for the adults, some you’ll want to discuss all together.
  • At the back of your pack of cards you’ll find we’ve included the entire Apostles’ Creed and list of the 10 Commandments. Pull out this card during your 3rd and 4th Stops.

Be sure register your Roadmap at and use the additional resources there to help you along the way.

A NOTE TO CHURCH LEADERS: If you would like to receive copies in bulk for the families your church, please email us directly for special pricing. We have additional resources specifically to help promote the Roadmap to your church AND we would like to partner with you to see the impact this resource has on the families you serve. You can also call Jenna for more information: 303-433-7010.

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