Here again I find myself recommending one of the few books that I’ve read more than once! Two amazing Christian leaders, Dr. Richard Ross Ph.D. & Dr. Ken Hemphill Ph.D., collaborated to produce, for churches and families, a seemingly one stop shop on the topic of family ministry. After reading through the book for a second time in September of 2018, I felt compelled to jump on to social media to encourage others to purchase the book! Needless to say, I highly recommend this short resource for many reasons. I hope you’ll be able to see some of these reasons in the top 5 quotes I’ve selected:

“This would seem to go without saying, but nonetheless it is the essential point of departure. If you do not have a relationship with the King, every attempt to live a kingdom-focused life will be an excruciating and frustrating experience for both you and your children.” (22)

“Most parents who want to know where their kids are headed religiously just need to look in the mirror.” (36)

“Parents are not responsible for the decisions their children make about receiving or rejecting a relationship with Jesus Christ. Every person young or old stands before God on that issue. Children reared in warm, goldy homes with full knowledge of salvation can choose to reject the Savior. But parents are responsible for parenting and communicating in a way most likely to lead to the conversion of each of their children. The stakes could not be higher.” (44)

“Extracurricular activities should build emotionally and spiritually vibrant children and teenagers. When extracurricular activities take so much time that they make time with parents and family impossible, then they no longer are accomplishing their purpose. Just because being on one team is good does not mean being on three teams is better.” (74)

“Wise parents do not speak critically about ministers and church leaders in the presence of their children. Such conversations can permanently damage the relationship between children and their leaders and thus negate spiritual impact.” (78)

This book includes helpful questions for an individual reader or a small group to think through. Also, each chapter is FILLED with digestible research that undergirds every page with weighty support of the book’s claims. The book is short enough to feel accessible but also provides enough material for a seminary level class to work through with a fine-tooth comb.

You’ll walk away from this book encouraged, challenged, and reliant upon the grace of God for the task ahead. Buy a few copies and share it with your friends!

Frank Trimble
Director of Training and Consulting
Family Time Training