Father’s day marks an opportunity for churches to honor and challenge the men in their congregations. However, Fathers Day can feel pretty different when compared to the events surrounding of Mothers day. 


Fathers Day can feel like a beat down for a lot of guys. I’ve even had men tell me that they avoid churches on Fathers Day weekend because they don’t want to get round-house kicked in the face by a pastor with a bone to pick! Yes, I do believe that men should be challenged to lead in accordance with God’s word (See Eph. 5:22-6:9). However, I have a potential solution for churches if they want to avoid Chuck Norris styled sermons. 


Men and women don’t need sermons about themselves. Men and women need sermons about God. To put it another way, people don’t need opinions filtered through mild references to Scripture. People, young and old, simply need Scripture preached with care and passion. 


I sometimes fear that sermons based on the felt needs of the congregation (in the place of Scripture) is like passing out mirrors to the congregation as they walk in. “As you sit down, lift up your mirror…don’t take your eyes off of yourself until you’re dismissed.” I don’t want that, and I doubt you do either. 


Psalm 68:5 describes God as a “Father to the fatherless.” What a beautiful picture of God’s care for his people! The passage literally sings about the victory of God as He cares for those that He has chosen as His people. 


I’ve met people who have never met their biological father. Their lives were changed by that reality. I’ve met people who had a biological father in their lives but never really knew them. They never really knew if their father approved of them. To this day, this reality sticks in the souls of grown children. I’ve also known many who were given the rare gift of a loving biological or adoptive father. Whether these people know it or not, their experiences were rare gifts because of the love of these caring fathers. However, one thing is common among them all…None of their earthly fathers were without sin and they all need a relationship with their perfect heavenly Father. 


Even when an earthly father is present, our soul longs for the comfort, provision, and love of the perfect heavenly Father. To be sure, God is close to the literal orphan, but in a spiritual sense, we were ALL orphans prior to coming into a relationship with the God that created us. Regardless of your background, God the Father is not only willing but ready to welcome you into His lap. Christian, because of the victory that Christ has won, you no longer live in captivity of sin and death. You belong to Him. You’re a part of His family. You will fellowship with Him forever. 


As Father’s Day comes and goes, consider putting the mirror down, and focusing on the One who loves you with a perfect love. In doing so, you’ll be able to actually serve your family well. 


Frank Trimble