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We are not meant to live in isolation. God made us to be in relationship with others, and with Him.


Ideas for Dads this Father's Day

“What do you want for Father’s Day?”

I love when my kids ask this question! It allows for all kinds of possibilities. My number one answer is, “I would love for you to read {insert book title here} and tell me what you think.” This year the book is “Life is _______” by Judah Smith. I love this book. It seems to be a series of sermons which I’m eager for my kids to hear. Plus, I always enjoy hearing what they think when they finish reading. 

My son is into music… all kinds of music by a wide array of artists. Several years ago he started picking and giving me a specially selected song for Father’s Day. Because he listens to so many different artists, the songs he selects are always new to me. He called this week and said, “Do you want another song this year?” Absolutely! I’m thrilled that the tradition continues.

This Father’s Day if your kids ask, “What do you want?” consider requesting a gift of time…”I would love to go with you for a special one-on-one lunch.” Or, “I would love for you to read this book with me.” Or, if you have older kids, consider attending a church small group together: “I would love for you to do Financial Peace University with me.”

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