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45-Minute Program

30-Minute Program

Everything you need to complete a successful 45-Minute "Year Two" Family Time Program for your group!

1. Three Weeks In Advance of the Program

A. Do one activity per week for three weeks in your home. Parent(s) and child(ren) together. Use the three activities:

B. Order DVD: If you do not have a DVD with the Introduction video (10 min.) and Activity Demonstration (5 min.) then order a copy here. **This is the same DVD used for Year One.**

C. Order Books

Option #1: You can buy Family Time Activity books in bulk (10 or more mix and match) at a discount ($10 instead of $15) and use as a fundraiser or pass the savings along! Bulk Order Form
Option #2: You can buy one of each book as samples for group members to review and have them place individual orders. Order Page
Option #3: You can provide individual order forms. Individual Order Form

2. One Week in Advance of the Program

A. Make copies:

B. Handouts to be placed on the Resource Table:

C. Gather Materials for Object Lesson Demonstrations and Games

3.Day of the Presentation

A. Set-up Meeting Room

B. Present Family Time Program

10 min. Your personal story.
  • How did you first hear about FT?
  • What does FT look like in your home? 
  • Share your family's favorite FT activity. 
10 min.

Introduction to Family Time DVD

If you need another copy of the DVD you can order a copy by contacting Family Time Training:

Jenna Hallock
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
303-433-7010 or 1-866-433-7010 (toll free)

**This is the same DVD used in Year One.

10 min. Hurdles Game
2 min. Benefits Table Game
8 min.

Activity Demonstrations

  1. Chocolate Milk
  2. Energy
5 min. Prayer and explanation of resources available at the Resource Table

C. Small Group Discussion Questions

4. Complete “We Did It!” Feedback Form

Go to "We Did It!" form!