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Certified Trainers

Step 1: Apply:  Trainer Application
You will need to attend a Certification Event. Please contact Kirk Weaver (866)433-7010.

Step 2: Schedule:

Step 3: Prepare:

Your Guide Training Outline 
Their Guide Workshop Outline Handout

*The Training Outline is going to give you the words you need to communicate the information. Look at the Workshop Handout so that you will know where to direct the attendees attention as they are taking notes.*

The Family Time Mission and Vision: This is a key component of your presentation. Attendees should understand the WHY of Family Time Training.

In Advance/Set up: This includes printing, facility usage, and general preparations.

Activities (You will have these available for attendees, and you should also have tried them with your family in advance of the presentation):


Step 4: Follow Up: