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Explanation of the Family Time Format

Most parents agree that spiritual training is needed in the home. Most parents will agree that Family Time is a fun & effective tool for providing home-based spiritual training. However, most parents need help in knowing how to structure their times of spiritual training. The Family Time Format is a simple structure used by parents to create a formal and meaningful time of spiritual training with children.

  • Meet Weekly: The ultimate goal is to lead a once-a-week Family Time in your home. Most Family Time activities take 20 minutes or less to complete.
  • No Fuss Dinner: Eat leftovers, fast food or order a pizza; use paper plates; paper cups; whatever it takes to keep it simple. You want to focus your time on the activity, not on cooking and cleaning.
  • Discuss the Last Family Time: Sometimes children will remember lessons from one, two and three weeks ago.  Other times you may have to give them a hint or mention the activity which will remind them of the lesson.
  • Play or Sing the Family Theme Song: Pick a song that is important to your family. Since this is for your spiritual training time consider songs that talk about the faith, family, relationships, and love. For example:

    “The Family Prayer Song (As For Me and My House)” by Maranatha.
    “Creed” by Rich Mullins.
    “My Father's House” by Big Daddy Weave.
  • Pray: Use this time to expand your children's conversation with God. Many families include pray at mealtime and bedtime.  During Family Time you can expand your conversation with God to include school, neighbors, health issues, etc.
  • Present the Object Lesson & Message: You can download free Activities off this website. Books filled with object lessons are also listed under the Products section.
  • Practice Memory Exercise: Each activity from Family Time includes a short memorization designed to reinforce the message. Have the children repeat the memorization several times at the end of the lesson.
  • End in Prayer: Try different methods of prayer. For example:

    Hold hands and pray.
    Pray from oldest to youngest.
    Say “popcorn” prayers – one- or two-word prayers about a specific topic.