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Family Ministry

Visionary Family

The mission of Visionary Family Ministries is to build the church of Jesus Christ through a global reformation of family discipleship.







Association of Marriage and Family Ministries

Impacting future generations by transforming marriages and families today.





Compass Ministries 
We seek to create a God-honoring environment that brings families together through events and experiences that encourage communication, development and mutual respect across generations.





Family Life

The mission of FamilyLife – to help people change the world one home at a time.







Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions: Why children should be Your Church’s #1 Priority
by George Barna
In the simplest terms, cultivating a biblical worldview means learning to think and act like Jesus. But how can the Church—and parents—teach children something their own parents didn’t know to teach them? Many parents have never had early spiritual training, so they look to the church to provide it for their children. The problem is, churches usually focus on teens and adults—failing to realize that a child’s moral development is set by the age of nine.
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The Family Friendly Church
by Ben Freudenberg
You want families in your church to know Jesus. To glorify God in their neighborhoods. To raise faithful children. SO help them get the job becoming a family-friendly church!
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Stronger Families "A place for marriage, family life and children."




Focus on the Family
A plethora of resources for families that include:

Adoption/Orphan Care
Be a Voice
Enfoque a la Familia
Leadership Institute
Plugged In
The Parsonage
Thriving Family
Truth Project