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God needs to be in every part of our life.


Free Activity Archive

  • Eye of the Needle: You cannot take material possessions to heaven.
  • Angels: God's powerful angels command respect and fear.
  • Bent and Torn: God is still with us and loves us when bad things happen
  • Christ the Ruler: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the truth and the way to God the father.
  • Firm in the Faith: Our surroundings can strengthen or weaken our faith.
  • Knock Sin out of our Lives: We need Jesus to take our sin away so we can be back together with God.
  • Nothing is Impossible With God: Children will recognize that nothing is impossible with God, even when it seems impossible to us. God often calls on us to show our faith and take the first step before He performs the “impossible”.
  • Superhero: Jesus has superhero powers!
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