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What is Family Time Training?

The mission of Family Time Training is to train families to teach children Christian principles and values in the home.

"Family Time" is a term used to describe fun, intentional, spiritual lessons in the home. For some, the term "Family Time" may conjure up visions of adults and children playing a board game or watching a movie together. But here, Family Time represented so much more. In addition to spending fun time together, Family Time lessons are used to teach specific Christian values, character qualities and spiritual beliefs.

"I'm too busy," is the number one reason why most families do not offer their children spiritual training in the home. We encourage families to do a lesson once a week. And, most Family Time lessons take less than 20 minutes. Yes, we are busy, but most families would agree that we can take 20 minutes out of the 10,080 minutes in each week to provide home-based spiritual training for our children.

"Devotions are boring," is a second reason why parents don't provide spiritual training in the home. Family Time lessons use the language of children activities and object lessons to make spiritual lessons fun, effective and memorable.

Twenty minutes of formal training each week sets up informal training throughout the week. For example, let's say that this week you teach your children a Family Time lesson on self-control. How many times will you be able to apply that lesson on self-control in the week ahead? Countless times!

The Family Time Format provides a simple structure for the weekly lessons. For details on the Family Time Format click on: Family Time Format.

Families can download a new, free activity every month.  To access more than 20 additional free activities, simply register for access to our activity archives. Activity books are also available in the products section of the website.

Family Time Training works with the local church to train and provide on-going support for families. Family Time trainers are available for sermons, seminars, adult Sunday School classes, etc. Click here to watch a short video or download an information packet.

Establishing a Family Time Team is an excellent way for churches to provide ongoing support for families. A Family Time Team is a group of parents, grandparents and other adults who get together once a month to learn new activity ideas and teaching tips to use at home with their children. Families who participate in a one hour, once a month Family Time Team meeting are more successful in achieving the goal of regular spiritual training in the home.

Family Time Training exists to support churches and equip families toward the goal of getting primary spiritual training back into the home. How can we help you?