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Training Services & Costs

Contact us:

Toll free (866) 433-7010

By mail:

5511 S Youngfield St.

Littleton, CO 80127

Office location (no mail please):

Dakota Ridge Church

Littleton, CO 80127


The mission of Family Time Training is to train families to teach their children Christian principles and values in the home. We use training seminars/sermons to educate, motivate and energize families to begin providing home-based spiritual leadership.

What groups do we speak to?

We are delighted to speak to any group interested in our mission! However, the most relevant trainings occur with a variety of topics at:

  • Adult Sunday Classes
  • MOPS & other Mom's Programs
  • Men's Ministries
  • Home School Programs
  • Weekend Seminars
  • National Conferences
  • Regional Church Conferences
  • Key Note Presentations

What do we speak about?

Topics for trainings include:

  • Introduction to Family Time
  • "Getting Started"
  • Passing a Spiritual Heritage
  • Teaching Tips
  • Teach the Children
  • Lifetime Discipleship
  • Leading a Family Time Team

Combination Trainings:

Family Time staff will work with individual churches and groups to create the best combination of training topics and formats. One combination of trainings that has been successful in churches on Sunday is:

  • Sermon: "Teach the Children" (Applicable to all families with and without children.)
  • Sunday School Hour with Adults:  "Introduction to Family Time" (More detailed training for adults.)
  • Lunch or Afternoon Session:  "Leading a Family Time Team"( Training for 3 to 8 families who will become the core leadership for an ongoing Family Time Team.)

A second seminar format that has worked in churches on Saturday is:

  • Morning Session #1: "Introduction to Family Time" (What is Family Time? How do I do Family Time? Activity demonstrations.)
  • Afternoon Session #2: "Getting Started" (How do I overcome the hurdles to starting Family Time? The benefits of Family Time.)
  • Post Session Breakout: "Leading a Family Time Team" (Training for 3 to 4 families who will become the core leadership for an ongoing Family Time Team.)

Costs for Training

Family Time Training is a not-for-profit 501c3. Income for products and services comes from product sales, training fees and contributions.

The costs listed below cover 1 to 3 trainings over a 1-2 day period. The time period may be divided between two dates as outlined below:

Friday: Daytime and/or Evening

Saturday: Daytime and/or Evening

Sunday: During Worship/Sunday School or Afternoon/Evening Teaching

Monday: Daytime



It's so easy! Use whatever method of promotion has worked for you in the past. We are able to provide printable materials upon request along with a guide to the "what" and "when" of promoting your training. You can also find our logo HERE for use in promotional materials.

  • Announcements (consider using our Promo DVD)
  • Bulletins
  • Flyers
  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Facebook or other social networking
  • Church or Group's Website
  • Word of mouth recommendations

Promotion will be especially important if you are not already using an existing group.

Colorado & Wisconsin


*We do not want cost to be a barrier to training. Whenever possible, we will work with churches and groups to reduce costs. Please contact Family Time Training with your specific request.

$250 per training plus expenses for "local" {Metro Denver & Milwaukee}
$500 for three trainings

Outside of Colorado and Wisconsin

$1,000 plus expenses

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