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What People Are Saying

Wonderful program.  My Daughter (4) begs for us to do a Family Time.  We all participate.  Great for Sundays when we are not able to attend church.  –Rachel

Absolutely love the activities.  –Sheilah

I love your lessons and activities.  It is exactly what our family needed to kick start our worship time.  Thank you!   --Sara

It is going really well.  I have twin boys 2 ½ years old and I was super surprised when my one boy remembered what we did at the last activity.  It made an impact!  --Diana

We have done 3 activities so far. We’ve like them all. We’ve done 2 from the book and one from online. We got a verbal “OOO!” for the drop of oil in the pepper-water pan and had fun with the paint dots to the face. We did one for our small group’s kids about angles and got a big laugh when I played up how dangerous and scary-looking the angel I was about to show them would be and then jump-turned around with a picture of a Precious Moments angel! That was a fun one. We’ve talked about continuing with these in our small group, so we’ll see how it goes. Keep them coming!  --DC 

My family has used Family Time Training for several years now.  It has been such a blessing and encouragement to our faith.  We have 4 children- 8, 6, 2, and 1 month and our 6 year old recently came to us asking about being baptized.  Through our regular church attendance, family times at home, and bible readings and discussions, our daughter felt it was time to make the decision to be baptized.  We talked a lot about it and felt she was ready.  It was a very proud day when her father baptized her in front of our church congregation.  I wanted to thank family time for the influence it has had in her life.  Our children, although young, have already learned so much from the lessons and activities.  Your ministry is touching lives and helping to speak to individuals.  Because of our daughter wanting to obey God in her life she has now made a very important decision.  Thank You for doing what you do!  --Fleta 

Thanks for making things simple!  Praise God for your ministry!  1 Cor 15:58.  –Martin 

Kids love them and tell people about them!  They not only learn from the lesson, but can’t wait for the next one.  Thanks for all your guidance!  --Bruno

We have been doing Family Time for 3 years now and think it’s a wonderful way to share and teach God’s love.  As a dad I feel confident my children will keep their faith through college and all their lives.  –James

We love Family Time and it is amazing to us how much the kids want to do it.  –Marylou

We have enjoyed this system tremendously!  We have learned much for ourselves!  The kids remember each lesson, they have made a huge impact on them individually and us as a family.  Thank you for this gift!  --Jodee

We have made Wednesday nights our Family Time and the kids just love it.  We’ve had great times as a family doing these activities.  Thank you!  --Dan

Thank you so much for the mail reminders!!  We’re going to work to be more diligent in doing Family Time.  –Katie